Let 2016 Be The Year That You Get to Know Yourself



It is important to recognize the values that are the most important to you.

Begin by prioritizing the life (personal and professional) values that are important to you. Rank your values on a scale from 1 to 16 (1 being the most important and 16 being the least important).

Then identify how each value will be of importance to you, both personally and professionally, in your next job or role. Feel free to add to this list so that you are sure to identify your top 5 life values.

RANKING                                                        PERSONAL                                                  PROFESSIONAL              






                            Free Time

                            Helping Others




                            Problem solving






Now, get to it . . .


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1 thought on “Let 2016 Be The Year That You Get to Know Yourself

  1. I find this post extremely helpful. The exercise was simple but interesting. This is helping me to know myself and will improve my personal and professional relationships. Thank you.

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