Knowing Yourself: Skills Inventory List

“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.” Unknown Author.


In the last few posts I’ve asked you to consider your personal values, strengths, and problem areas. Specifically, I’ve asked you to:

  1. Prioritize your life values and identify how each value might affect your next employment opportunity;
  2. Identify problem areas that your parents, family, friends, and employers see in you and how you might improve these problem areas; and
  3. Brag about your strengths by identifying what you think your parents, family, friends, and employers think of you.

Understanding your personal and professional values is critical in job search. My hope is that if you know what is truly important to you and why, you will uncover what actually motivates and drives you. If you can look at yourself deeply, honestly, and accurately in terms of your personal, professional, and educational skills and strengths, you will keep moving forward.

With that in mind, the next step in getting to know yourself is recognizing your most marketable employment skills. These are the types of qualities and attributes that employers are looking for in job candidates.

Remember, skills are the things that you have learned to do throughout the years. Skills are the ability to audit financial data, conduct interviews, counsel people, fix equipment, invent products, read blueprints and music, resolve/mediate conflicts, translate foreign languages, or teach/instruct. Source: November 19, 2015 post.

In this exercise you will make an honest assessment of your professional skill set. Put an “X” next to each skill that you think you possess in your professional bag of tricks. Then list at least one example of how your abilities relate to each of your skills.  Feel free to add to the list if I’ve omitted something that applies to you.

SKILL TYPE                                       X                   EXAMPLE OF YOUR ABILITIES


Compiling Data



Managing People

Managing Projects





Public Relations

Public Speaking

Research & Analysis





Now, get to it . . .


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