Knowing Yourself: Are You Open to Change?


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”  Andre Gide

To change is to become different; to make someone or something different; or to become something else. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Despite the fact that many people are resistant to change in their personal and professional lives, it is useless to try to avoid change. Change is constant and cannot be held off by continuing to do what you always do.


The benefits of change are many and expand our opportunities:

  1. Flexibility – Making changes helps us to be adaptable to new situations, new environments, and new people.
  2. Personal Growth –  When we make changes we learn new things, discover new insignts, and grow as individuals.
  3. Life Values – Looking at our personal and professional life from a different perspective can reinforce our life values.
  4. New Beginnings – Change closes the book on the old and brings about new beginnings.
  5. Opportunties – Change brings new choices and opportunities for growth and advancement.
  6. Improvements – Without change there cannot be improvements in our personal and professional lives.
  7. Progress – Changes move things forward triggering progress and development.
  8. Routine – Without change, our lives woud be static, uniform and predictable.
  9. Snowball Effect – Making small changes will amount to bigger changes.
  10. Strength – Overcoming fears and doubts about change makes us stronger.

Take time to think about the specific changes, personal and professional, you want to make in 2016 and why. Make a list below:



To make changes in our lives we have to be aware of any potential blindspots that may prevent us from achieving our goals. We also need to be aware of any baggage that we may bring along to the transition.

To determine whether you are open, or resistant, to change, answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  1. Are you quick to learn new ways of doing things?       Yes _____      No _____
  2. Do you have to be certain that doing something differently is worthwhile before you will agree to try it?     Yes _____    No _____
  3. Are you eager to learn about new opportunities?      Yes _____    No _____
  4. Do you try to keep yourself up-to-date on current events?     Yes _____    No _____
  5. As soon as you hear about something new do you like to try it before anyone else?      Yes _____    No _____
  6. Do you think too much time and energy is wasted on experimenting with new ideas before everything is known about them?   Yes _____  No _____
  7. When it comes to using new methods of doing things, do you prefer to be a follower rather than a leader?   Yes _____  No _____
  8. If you like the way things are, do you resist making changes?   Yes _____  No _____
  9. If you hear about something new, do you feel restless until you try it?                             Yes _____   No _____
  10. Do you feel like making changes creates too many problems and pressures and prefer to relax and enjoy what you have?   Yes _____   No _____

Now, get to it . . .



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