Do You Have A Career Portfolio?

240_f_46888137_calhybynkutbp8xlv42olsgduxocjrpm-2A career portfolio is a collection of records in a paper or digital format that describes who you are and what you are capable of doing with much more detail than a resume. Think of it as your individual professional marketing plan.

You can hand pick the records that showcase your professional strengths, interests, and accomplishments and include these documents in your portfolio. These records may include your resume, mission statement, personal goals, graphs, charts, customer service comments/feedback, peer reviews, certifications, licenses, performance evaluations, writing samples/samples of your work, lists of awards, public/community service etc. If done properly, your career portfolio will provide an incredibly complete picture of you as a worker, much more so than a resume could ever do.


Don’t send your career portfolio to every potential employer or with every resume you send in response to a job lead. If a potential employer shows interest in you, you should send anything from your career portfolio that showcases your skills and indicates that you are the person for the position.

Now, get to it . . .


Source: Quick Online Job Search, Michael Farr and The Editors @ JIST, 2011 ed.


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