Take the 12 Days of Wellness Challenge

We are in the holiday season, where we tend to fall out of our regular routines and give in to holiday temptations. You may already have sweets and treats in your office. You may be rushing on your free time and after work to buy gifts or bake holiday treats. You have to schedule “me” time into your day.

Take the 12 days of wellness challenge to keep your mind focused and your body in good health during the holidays. To participate, complete one wellness activity each work day from the wellness activity list below.

There are four (4) different categories of wellness: fitness, nutrition , well-being, and community. Your goal is to complete three activities from each of the four (4) wellness categories. That is just one activity each day for 12 (work) days.


  • Walk a flight of stairs twice in one day
  • Take a fitness class at a local gym or wellness center
  • Stretch your shoulders, chest, and back at your desk twice during the workday
  • Stand up from your desk and  move once every hour
  • Walk 20 minutes during your lunch or break
  • Do 12 “chair squats”: stand up from your chair without using your arms for assistance, sit down without using your arms for assistance, repeat
  • Do at least 30 minutes of continuous cardio axercise
  • Ask a friend or co-worker to join you in one of the these fitness challenges


  • Eat two (2) servings of fruit during your workday
  • Eat a balanced lunch containing a protein, whole grain, and a fruit or vegetable
  • Eat a helathy snack in the mid-moring and afternoon
  • Drink an additional glass of water during your workday
  • Bring a healthy holiday treat to share with your co-workers
  • Eat two (2) servings of vegetables during your workday
  • Do not eat any sweets or desserts for 24 hours


  • Do something nice for a co-worker or friend
  • Decorate your office or work space with holiday cheer
  • Donate a gift to a community toy drive
  • Donate food to your local food bank
  • Thank a co-worker and let him/her know how he/she has helped you or your department this past year
  • Clean or organize a shared work space or staff break area


  • Practice deep breathing for one minute twice during your workday — breathe in through your nose, hold your breathe for a count of five (5), and then breath out of your mouth
  • Rest your eyes from the computer screen by looking in the distance or closing them for 30 seconds every hour
  • Share a positive news story when discussing current events with your co-workers
  • Stop and enjoy the beautiful view out of the window on your office
  • Eat lunch away from your desk or worksite
  • Wake up 15 minutes early and take time to relax before starting your workday

Be healthy and happy this holiday season. Now, get to it . . .

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