Guide to Handling a Threatening Call

As the holidays draw near, many of us are anticipating joyous occasions with family and friends and good food, drink, and entertainment. But what will you do if someone calls your workplace or home and threatens to hurt you, your loved ones or coworkers, or his or herself?

  1. Stay calm and focused. Get as much information as possible. Listen to sounds, background noices, voice attributes, etc. to provide as much information as possible to police or emergency responders.
  2. Alert office/building security or the police.

Make a list of the following important information:

  • the date and time of the call or threat
  • the time when the call ended (how long did the call last)
  • the phone number from Caller ID
  • the type of threat: did the caller threaten physical harm, suicide, arson, shooting, bomb

Take care of yourself and those around you . . .

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