Job Search

Ignore GPS

I saw these signs on the road and chuckled to myself.  Could these simple signs, offering helpful advice to truck drivers, also be a message to me from the job search gods?

Yes, I am looking to land a job. It is a grueling and exhaustive process. Nearly everyday I search job board sites for the position of my dreams.  I apply to lots of companies but rarely receive a response besides the obligatory no-reply email stating “we are currently reviewing your application and evaluating your credentials. If there is a match between our needs and your experience, we will contact you . . .”

This is a process overflowing with self-doubt and constant rejection (no response is a form of rejection). But the internet sources, my family members and friends, are standing by with advice and words of encouragement. And I keep at it.

Sometimes I wonder should I continue to blindly follow the GPS: the instructions and guidance from the online “experts”,  or should I follow my own instincts? How will I know when to get off the internet highway, or at least change lanes?